Material Control

²  Pre-Control: sand analyzer/ CE rapid analyzer/ automatic feeding system/ wire feeding spheroidization

²  After-Control: spectrometer analyzer/ metallurgical structure analyzer/ Lab chemical analysis/ tensile strength test/ hardness test/ impact test

²  Nondestructive testing can be made if required, including magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing and x-ray detection.


Dimensional Check

²  CMM, optical comparator, height tester, surface roughness tester, thread gauge, functional gauge…


QC Procedure

²  Knowledge of materials specification, inspect the purchased material; control material before pouring & after pouring.

²  Full inspection on all dimensions, characteristics for each sample to be submitted.

²  Implement calibration and R&R on measurement for all checking aids of critical dimensions and requirements in mass production.

²  Manage non-conformance cases from root causes analysis, corrective action plan and follow up the corrective results.

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